hey peeps, me + brock are off again, on a last minute trip to boston. your advice of places to visit in seattle + nyc were really helpful, got any for boston area?

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Michelle Williams said...

Walden Pond was really nice. You can actually swim there if the weather is nice (lots of locals do). If it's not warm enough to swim then the path around the lake is really nice. It's a beautiful area good for reflection.

The Boston Children's Museum was really fun. We went on $1 night and had a blast. Even if you are not a kid you can enjoy their displays.

We enjoyed Minute Man National Historic Park. You follow along the path of Paul Revere's ride and the first war of the Revolution. It was pretty interesting.

Of course there's the "Freedom Trail" which is a walking tour through the historic part of the city.

Driving in Boston sucks.

I hope that's helpful. Have an awesome trip!