holler boston!

there's something about the east coast that i just love; perhaps it's because i feel closer to home (literally) or maybe it's the feeling of history in the air. it's boggling to learn what events took place at the very place you're standing, so much to learn, too much to absorb. historically speaking we got to: walk the freedom trail, eat at the oldest restaurant + and visit the oldest hotel in america, visit graves of samuel adams + paul revere + john hancock, explore the constitution (oldest sailing naval ship), walk around harvard, and got a glimpse of the plymouth rock area.

cape cod was the highlight of the trip, so quaint and very pretty.


Emily Rose Clayton Sanders said...

hehe sar you are such a poser! Looks like fun, wish I could've come.

Laurie said...

Beautiful photos! And I love the umbrella!

Brittany said...

looks incredible! i'm so glad you guys had a fun time!

Geraldine said...

one of the places i want to visit on my top ten i think.
Glad you had fun