cross my heart

it seems i broke my promise to be keeping this blog alive...boxwood clippings has won me over, and i've loved blogging with em daily. however, there's still room for friday's child if only for my photography.

but for now... meet edward, my newest nephew and the best thing 2011 brought.

i'll be back soon, cross my heart!


chair love

oh dear, i've found something else:

isn't she gorgeous? she's at urban outfitters, who i've been way board with the past little while, but they've got some really lovely things in right now, go see.

on another note, i've been craving a grey piece of furniture, i can feel a project coming on now that the weather is getting better. i'm thinking something like this:

i know i'm not alone when i say grey brightens my day, what can i say...i'm from rainy england!


the adjustment bureau

last night me and the faubs went to go see the adjustment bureau. it's not often that we go to see a movie on opening night since we like to hear reviews of both friends and critics, but we figured you can't go wrong where matt damon is concerned! we were right, i loved it. it was a great blend of a good old sappy love story, and captivating thriller, with a dash of man men style. all in all, a perfect date night flick.


ah man, i just fell in love

why is it that on the thriftiest of days you fall in love with something so beautiful your life can no longer be complete without it?

this baby by kelly moore has all i've ever longed for, style + function. with this bag i'd never question if i'd bring my camera on an outing or trip, i'd be free to snap away with ease + cuteness!


new favorite tv show: an idiot abroad

yesterday i was feeling a bit under the weather, so i sat myself down for an afternoon infront of the telly. while browsing through on-demand, i came across the funniest travel show i'd ever seen, an idiot abroad.  ricky gervais is one of the executive producers, who basically sends his pessimistic english buddy to see all the 7 wonders of the world, and he's less than impressed. in my hour of sickness, i was still giggling like crazy at his dry humor and sinister look on life. you have to check it out.


belated christmas cards

i can't believe it's already january 10th. i'm still desperately trying to hang on to christmas, but now brock's long break is over, i can't think of a good excuses to keep my decorations up. here are a couple of shoots for my siblings christmas cards i forgot to share...


happy new year + NEW BLOG

hi everyone, i hope you all had a wonderful holiday season...i've been loving life with lots of family and relaxation. since it's now the new year i have some exciting news to announce, i have a new blog! this is something that me and my sista emily have been talking about doing for sometime, please update your readers and follow us here at BOXWOOD CLIPPINGS.

ps. i will still be doing this blog also.


a little festive

i've had my decorations up for more than a month, i love them way too much to just have them up a couple of weeks. unfortunately, i've been way too busy to shoot them...these are just a couple of our hanging baubles on our bed, we went a lot simpler than last year.

i hope you're all feeling christmasy by now... i feel more hot chocolate and christmas movies are in order!


chic travel companion...

while in the process of tiding up some photos on my desktop, i couldn't help but notice how chic emily was on our trip to ireland. i looked like i was dragged through a hedge backwards, and she's all calm and collected dressed in cream, biotch!


morsels from heaven...

damn it, i'm suppose to be using these for seasonal yummies; but instead they're my internet browsing, tv watching, present wrapping companions...that have a very short life! guittard chocolate chips, you really are the very best!


movie night

last night we needed a chill night...Faubus has been so occupied with finals as of late, that he took a night off to re-group and relax. we watched 500 days of summer, a favorite from 2009, that i snagged for cheaps on black friday. i forgot how much i enjoyed it's sweet quirky style, and the unusual perspective of a love sick man. love it!


little rocker...

just looking through some of my random photos, and found this video, and laughed quite a bit. 
these guitars are so freaking fun...not only for the kids!


sooo cute...

sometimes i come across things and think to myself "damn, i should have come up with that"! here is a great example. these gifts are a real treat for the eyes, too nice to open.
(found here: stylemepretty.com)


hallway molding

 just browsing through my archives, and came across this hallway that i simply love. the silhouette created with molding makes this hallway really pop. 

i'm inspired to go add a little boost in my house, feeling a bit blah.


olivia + alexia

i'm adamant that i have the cutest nieces in the world, ok...make that nephews too. if you don't believe me see some earlier blog posts on the matter: here, here and here. do you agree now?...good, we're all on the same page!

liv + lex are especially adorable to me, because they are best friends, and are always together. they are full of giggles, lots of fun, and i love them.

sisters truly are the best, so i was thinking there should be a national sister day. after googling, i'm happy to report the universe agrees with me and there is a national sister day, the next one is august 5th 2011. if you don't have a sister, you need one...go find one!


a foggy day....

in london town...
i fell in love with london when i was 10, with visits to liberty's and west end shows. when i was 19, it was the place i found my independence, the energy and excitement of a modern city. now i visit as a tourist, absorbing the history of my native land, and feeling every bit at home. the chill of autumn weather, offers another crisp outlet to all the excitement i feel when i'm there. to me, no other city is yet to top it!

i've never been a huge fan of poetry, but i do love this one:

earth has not to show more fair:
dull would be the soul who could pass by
a sight so touching in it's majesty:
this city now doth, like a garment, wear
the beauty of the morning; silent, bar
ships, towers, domes, theathers and temples lie
open unto the fields, and to the sky:
all bright and glittering in the smokeless air.
-william wordsworth



i've been shooting megs since she was 2 days old...that was more than 11 years ago. everyone says she's the apple of my eye, and i love it! she's one hilarious tween!


i'm back in hubby-land...

my visit to the uk was a whirlwind of a trip; filled with too much chocolate, plenty of fish and chips, and lots of family. it was great to be at home, to revisit my past, and make wonderful memories...i'm a lucky girl!

while i was gone, i had a couple of requests for this fall garland. i'm excited to fulfill any requests for this item, please email me at sarahfaubus[at]gmail[dot]com for details!

ps. quiz question: at which station was this picture taken?


england here i come...

i'm off home in the morning, to celebrate this witchy woman turning 90!

see you in two weeks, don't have too much fun with out me!

a fall baby shower

bri's shower turned out lovely. an autumn afternoon filled with treats and good company, doesn't get much better than that!

i'm kinda loving with the fally garland i made, i'm thinking i'll keep it up until the christmas decorations come out of hibernation.