a foggy day....

in london town...
i fell in love with london when i was 10, with visits to liberty's and west end shows. when i was 19, it was the place i found my independence, the energy and excitement of a modern city. now i visit as a tourist, absorbing the history of my native land, and feeling every bit at home. the chill of autumn weather, offers another crisp outlet to all the excitement i feel when i'm there. to me, no other city is yet to top it!

i've never been a huge fan of poetry, but i do love this one:

earth has not to show more fair:
dull would be the soul who could pass by
a sight so touching in it's majesty:
this city now doth, like a garment, wear
the beauty of the morning; silent, bar
ships, towers, domes, theathers and temples lie
open unto the fields, and to the sky:
all bright and glittering in the smokeless air.
-william wordsworth


Laurie said...

Great Photos, as always!

Annette said...

Here here! Love the photos. Looks like a great trip!