new favorite tv show: an idiot abroad

yesterday i was feeling a bit under the weather, so i sat myself down for an afternoon infront of the telly. while browsing through on-demand, i came across the funniest travel show i'd ever seen, an idiot abroad.  ricky gervais is one of the executive producers, who basically sends his pessimistic english buddy to see all the 7 wonders of the world, and he's less than impressed. in my hour of sickness, i was still giggling like crazy at his dry humor and sinister look on life. you have to check it out.


Brittany @ The Aubergine Notebook said...

i have been dying to see this show! looks hysterical. :)

emily@boxwood said...

love it. you're the best!

Sarah said...

We watched this just the other day - it was great! "I don't wanna live the the temple cause all you get is the view of a cave, I wanna live in the cave and have a view of the temple"! So true LOL