olivia + alexia

i'm adamant that i have the cutest nieces in the world, ok...make that nephews too. if you don't believe me see some earlier blog posts on the matter: here, here and here. do you agree now?...good, we're all on the same page!

liv + lex are especially adorable to me, because they are best friends, and are always together. they are full of giggles, lots of fun, and i love them.

sisters truly are the best, so i was thinking there should be a national sister day. after googling, i'm happy to report the universe agrees with me and there is a national sister day, the next one is august 5th 2011. if you don't have a sister, you need one...go find one!


Brittany said...

they are beautiful little girls. i love their dresses!

Laurie said...

Great photo! You should come down and take our pics sometime. I could line up a couple days worth of business for you from all my friends.