packing light

i'm such a over-packer. i just hate running out of clothes on a trip, so i pack for 3 of me just in case. however, this october i will be luggage challenged as i attempt to pack for a week (in england's rainy fall) in just one carry-on bag.

i saw these little lovely's in gap today, and it gave me a burst of inspiration. perhaps i can feel stylish and compact at the same time?...i'll let you know how it goes.

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Breanne King said...

good luck with the packing! i'm an incredibly light packer-- my parents were really into being able to carry on all our luggage-- so if you need any help! my Gma, who travels lots, thinks its a waste of space to pack Gs, so maybe dont even worry about that!

I'm going to Ikea soon and I'm gonna buy a bunch of those baby hangers! And I have some really cute paper I'm gonna use. I need some direction! You just put some of that clear glue lacquer stuff (whats it called?) on top, right?