i'm such a huge fan of lego. as a child i remember having boxes and boxes passed down from older brothers. me and my siblings would spend weeks building quaint towns or space cities, fully emerged in our imaginations and conversations. i'm thinking that me + the mr should start our own collection, coz let's face it...there's nothing better on a rainy day!

harry potter + lego = really cute, you have to check out the collection here


Brittany said...

super cute. :)

Anonymous said...

i agree, lego is fantastic. i was playing duplo the other day with tom (a boy i nanny for) and thinking, this is ace. not as good as lego, but i'm definitely not just enjoying this because i have to. i could do this all day long'
bring on the smaller pieces!
ps did you know that when david beckham said he liked playing lego on jonathan ross a few months ago, lego sales went up 600%? x