postcard tradition

i love traditions; whether their my families, brock's or the next door neighbors! traditions can bring generations together, make strangers into friends, and ordinary days special. one of the exciting aspects of marriage is learning the traditions of another's family, and starting your own as a new unit. here's one of my favorites that i've started in the past couple of years...postcards.

in my living room i have two frames dedicated to postcards from our most recent trip. before i place the postcards in the frames i write on the back a brief description of our trip and what's going on in our life's. when i pull the old ones out to replace, i put them in a scrapbook. in years time i can image a huge book full of postcards, each with a couple of lines reminding me of all the good times and great places we've been. here are some of my favorites, since these are our original homes:

a couple from england:
some from our most recent trip:

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Laurie said...

Very fun and pretty post cards. What a clever idea!