liberty of london

a girl never forgets her first visit to liberty's. i was about 10 when my parents treated me and my two sisters to a surprise day- trip down to london. the smell of mahogany, and visions of colourful patterns has been cataloged in my mind forever. each of us girls picked out our patterns (mine is below), and shopped in the stationary section. we left with matching pencils, pencil cases, and other little accessories.
i wouldn't mind owning this little beauty

the other night we were relaxing by the telly, and low and behold an advert came on, that made my two worlds of past and present collide. liberty has created a line for target, and it may lack the mahogany scent, but that can be sacrificed where low prices are concerned.

i can't wait to see the whole line, until march look HERE.


Brittany said...

i never made it to liberty when i was there, but i sure am looking forward to it coming to target!

Katie Grant said...

I love Liberty. Though they're a little bit precious about the wedding dresses there - we had to remove our shoes and wear white gloves before going in the wedding section! :-)

Anna said...

i can't wait either! they have desktop backgrounds on the target site and i've already got mine up in anticipation!

Dandelion and Grey said...

Oh I can't wait for this!! xo