30 days + 30 things

birthdays can be funny. to me it's sort of a second new year's, a review on the past, and a time to visualize the future. in desperation to finish my 29th year with a few more goals achieved; a little more fun to be had, and more creativity explored, i've complied this list:

1. make a wreath from cupcake cups. x
2. wear false eyelashes.
3. document my house, and inspiration for it.
4. go on a snow date. x
5. plant seeds for garden. x
6. read a book. x
7. make homemade ice cream. x
8. write in my journal. x
9. take 6 portfolio worthy photographs.
10. lunch with friend i haven't seen in a while. x
11. make a new pen pal. x
12. go to dermatologist.
13. make sun prints. x
14. make + send valentines. x
15. paint a picture. x
16. organize all my photos.
17. bake a cake. x
18. start learning calligraphy.
19. play risk with brock. x
20. kill a spider. x
21. put up white photo frame collage. x
22. bear my testimony in church. x
23. write a list of "top 30 things i'm grateful for". x
24. pull out my sewing machine, and make something/anything!
25. day of service. x
26. bake bread. x
27. make 6 months worth of birthday cards. x
28. buy something i'll keep for life.
29. organize my desk.
30. tell 30 people i love them. x

I'm going to be busy, stay tuned!


spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

Happy Birthday! Great list. Best wishes for a fabulous and productive year. xxoo

Brittany said...

great idea. however, are you sure killing a spider is a realistic goal??? i've seen you jump with even the thought of any insect.... and i'm not judging... i can't do it either. ;)

the boswells said...

great list sezbud, wish i could help with number 10 xx

Alisha Stamper | Photographer said...

hello my dear! I make bread, a lot.. and all by hand, none of this breadmaker stuff. so, come on up to salt lake, let's make bread. Its divine and i would love to see you!

Lisa said...

What a great idea, it looks like it's going to be a crazy busy month but I'm sure you'll feel so accomplished when it's done! You should blog about each thing as well!

geraldine said...

Well done Sarah, If we can help with any of those let us know, maybe killing a spider could be just letting it escape outside?
Enjoy the last month in your twenties!

Laurie said...

What a fun idea, and fun things to do before you turn 30!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Wear false eyelashes. That's been on my list for awhile, I even bought some years ago but never put them on.

Good luck on your list!

Colleen said...

this is a fantastic list. some aspirations and still realistic goals. i especially like #20, 22, and 24. but that's just if i had to choose :)

lol said...

personally i think you should NOT KILL A SPIDER
I would definitely be your pen pal x