i hate to love her....

or do i love to hate her? i'm not sure how i feel about martha; she's sure is one boring tv host, not to mention a criminal, but i do love her magazines, and envy pretty much all her homes. just look at her new craft room, i wantie!


brittany said...

you have to give it to her though. she's got great ideas and then made an empire with even more people that are creative and talented! it makes me feel better to know it's not just her! and it's ok to have a love/hate relationship...lol

on a side note, i'm in england now!we flew in a different way than i normally do so we flew over st. pauls, houses of parliament/big ben, the london eye etc. it was incredible to see it from the air and it was a clear day so you cold see for miles. you would have loved it. i'll eat some fruit pastilles for you..:)

J U L I E said...

I'm going to have to say that she gets way too much credit for the minute details of her empire. I worked at Martha Stewart for a while and while we were busy working away on the magazines, she was elsewhere. And according to her staff and maid, she's not the nicest lady on the block.

But I love the magazines too, and find myself on her website all the time. It truly is a love hate relationship.