best of britain

Brock and I are planning an adventure. We leave for a long trip home to England + Ireland in 1 week, 1 day and a couple of hours. The trip can't come fast enough (I find myself looking at my clock every 15 minutes). When I close my eyes I can already see the vibrant greens of the countryside, taste buttery toffee, and see giggling faces of little nieces.

Today while daydreaming of home, I was thinking about all the great things this little country has to offer, and what delightful shopping trips I have in store.

Here are just a few:

Hunter Boots: good enough for queen Lizzy = good enough for me.

Burberry Bibs: snobbishness at it's best...love it!
Wedgewood: Style meets Function.
Thornton's Special Toffee: heals any shoppers sugar low.
Walkers Shortbread: a buttery nostalgic dream.

Penguin Classics: an instant transformation into a more civilized world.
Bentley: I can't type (I'm drooling too much).

Peak District: the most beautiful place on earth...home.


Lisa said...

How fun, I hope you guys have an AMAZING trip! I looooove Walker's shortbread cookies, my mom used to put them in our stockings every year. I don't know if they're the same as the ones you can get there, but at least the box looks the same!

the boswells said...

And I for one can't wait to have you back, even if it is only for a couple of hours x Me and Dunc were thinking of taking you out to an Indian near my work what do you think? x