LA holiday house

I love the movie 'The Holiday.' Any movie that combines both English charm and American drama (and a dollop of Jude Law) is a sure hit with me. I'm often asked what things I prefer one country to another, and depending on my mood it can be a close tie. For example: England clearly wins on chocolate, clothes and history; but America earns its gold in BBQ, low prices and Target!

From the movie, I would certainly choose Amanda's house over Iris's. I la la la la love the colour palette of smokey greys, milky creams and the contrast of chocolate brown. The furniture is a classic modern, the houseplants chic moss. No pesky wintery drafts, just a fresh seasonal breeze. And let's get real ladies, you'd have to be crazy to choose a double bed over a California King!

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Jon and Diana Browning said...

That kind of reminds me of your house