i'm scared of bears

This year we've not been camping. I'm freaked out by all the local bear sightings and attacks and that happened last year. Summer hasn't been the same without a campfire. Over Labor Day I spied one of these awesome little camping trailers passing us on the freeway, and it was love at first sight. Over the next couple of days, I couldn't get this idea out of my head; we could travel the country by day, and keep snug in our trailer by night. I was daydreaming of how I'd decorate and organize our mini home away from home. After looking at costs I decided it would be better if Brock built or renovate one for us, then I could customize it exactly how I wanted. It's been added to his ever-growing list of 'things to do'.

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Whitney said...

I also am scared of Bears. We saw one last fall when we were camping in AF canyon... the trailer would definately keep you safe.